Breaking the power of darkness…

Taking the necessary steps to cross over into the
new life in Christ…

Enjoying freedom, serving with passion and establishing a legacy of blessings!

The Five Basic Areas of Deliverance


In the moment of an offense the pain that is felt is real because the emotional damage is real. That produces a natural reaction to build up a wall of protection around the damaged heart. As time passes by the wall becomes a jail cell where the offended one is tormented by demon spirits; life becomes a constant torture. With God’s power and the decision to forgive the heart becomes free and the ability to love and receive love restored.

Inner Healing

Inner Healing

In this unjust and unfair world most of us go through situations that are painful and traumatic. These memories provoke fear, guilt and shame. If not healed, the wounds become like abscesses and tumors in the human spirit. With the direction of the Holy Spirit these wounds are revealed and with the power of the Lord Jesus, a supernatural surgery is performed. The heart then receives it’s deeply needed healing, truth and peace.

Soul Ties

This term is used principally for the bond that is formed between two people when they have sexual relations.

Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For “the two,” He says, “shall become one flesh.” (I Corinthians 6:16 NKJV)

The word “joined” literally means “glued together with glue.” The act of physically coming together in sexual relations is much more than two bodies that are joined. Two souls are joined as well as two spirits are joined; in that gluing together there is a transfer of spiritual baggage, generational curses and demonic oppression one to the other. When the relationship breaks apart the is a fractioning of the soul like an expensive statue that falls to the floor and breaks apart. Only Jesus can put that broken life back together.

Generational Curses

The term “iniquity of the fathers” represents the sum, the total impact of the sins of our ancestors. That sin determines our spiritual inheritance and produces the generational curses as a result. These curses become our own tendencies toward a perverted and twisted lifestyle of rebellion and pride. The generational curses thrust each one of us toward embracing sin as it is the iniquity of the heart. Jesus died on the cross to break the power of generational curses and bring us into the new birth and complete freedom.


A stronghold is a structure located in the soul of an individual made up of ideas, wrong concepts, attitudes, desires, rebellion, disobedience, generational curses, destructive thought patterns and hurts that all come together to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the presence of demons. Deliverance is the process of reversing all the contributing factors that built the stronghold, casting out all demons and establishing Jesus as the Lord.

“Take all the steps that are necessary to enter into the fullness of freedom in Christ!”