Be more than a Conqueror!

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Be more than a Conqueror!

A Practical Guide to Walking in Freedom and Victory

Keep the enemy out of your life!


“I found this book very easy to read and especially agreed with all of the sound, biblical teaching, and enjoyed the supporting Scripture references throughout. Each short chapter is pure meat, delicious and nourishing.” Doris M. Wagner

Dr. Ernest Sauve Jr. and Silvia Sauve are the Hispanic Ambassadors of ISDM, International Society of Deliverance Ministers (, founded by Dr. Peter Wagner and his wife Doris M Wagner. ISDM is currently under the leadership and direction of Dr. Bill Sudduth.

Silvia's passion is to see people set free from bondage, enthusiastic about the will of God growing as powerful warriors and trained in the use of spiritual weapons, fulfilling God's calling for their lives. She and her husband Dr. Ernest Sauve Jr. live in South Florida. Both are known as effective teachers, conference speakers and deliverance ministers. Silvia is a worshiper of the Most High, prayer warrior, an effective and dynamic counselor in her faith. She is certain that, if you put into practice the principles outlined in this book, you will truly be more than a CONQUEROR!

The best defense is a great offense!

Jesus came to give us an abundant life. Unfortunately, many Christians are not living in the fullness of the abundant life. What’s more, they have no idea how the enemy has taken advantage of their lives, their children, finances and health. This book will give you the necessary weapons to keep the enemy away from your affairs and to break its power once and for all.

This powerful practical guide will:

• Alert you to be on guard

• Help you discover your authority and how to exercise it

• Show you that certain objects in your home can attract demonic presence

• And much more

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