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The Freedom Manual - Deliverance and Inner Healing from Start to Finish

Sharing with a wealth of personal experience, Dr. Ernie and Silvia Sauve will take you through each step of a potentially complex process that has been simplified and presented in a way that is easy to understand and apply. This vitally important information will assist you in the heat of the battle and help you bring others into complete freedom in Christ.

“Dr. Ernie Sauve provides a biblically sound framework for deliverance ministry. His insights are practical, Christ-centered, and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.”
Dr. Ché Ahn, President Harvest International Ministry

“In The Freedom Manual – Deliverance and Inner Healing from Start to Finish, Dr. Ernie and Silvia Sauve have mapped out a practical, strategic, and effective tool for all called to cast out demons and see captives set free. This manual is a must have in the arsenal for every believer functioning in the kingdom call of deliverance ministry.”
Rebecca Greenwood
Cofounder – Christian Harvest International

This manual is designed to be a step-by-step overview and start-to-finish guide for the deliverance process. The approach is from a what-to-do-next perspective, and it looks to simplify and breakdown a potentially complex process in a way that is easy to understand and to apply. It is designed to enhance our discernment by giving the Holy Spirit a greater opportunity to interact with us in the deliverance session. Whether you are an experienced deliverance and inner healing practitioner or a Christian seeking a self-deliverance method, this manual is for you.

This manual is a great tool and will:
- Demystify the deliverance process.
- Simplify the system.
- Help Christians in their self-deliverance process.
- Allow ministers to easily replicate functional procedures.
- Recruit, train, activate and release more deliverance ministers.
- Leave the reader with the conviction “I can do this!”

When we have the strategic tools with biblical understanding, we can be effective in destroying strongholds, casting out demons and healing the brokenhearted!

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